Billy in January 2016

Ink, Portrait, Prismacolor
Billy Jan 2016 1

Billy in January 2016

This was part of a series of portraits I did through January 2016. This one might be my favorite. Brown paper, microns and prismacolored markers. This was hung at theĀ Delaware Contemporary


Flower Mermaid

Acrylic, Cut Out, Ink

“Collaborating with Taylor is a very organic process. I set up the paper and the table for her. For color ratios, I either have her pick three to four colors or I pick them, and if I want a certain color to be prominent I give her a bigger brush for that color. She uses separate brushes for each color. I want her to be able to work on her life drawing skills during these sessions, so I always give her reference to work from. A plant, a coffee mug, a shape or animals. She’s three years old, so the first couple of paintings she really looks at the image or item and after a while when her attention span veers, she uses it as a starting point and as she’s painting she says ‘Oh there’s coffee in the mug’ or ‘The doggy has seven legs and he’s a princess so he needs a tiara.'”

An amazing program, MAKE/BELIEVE, mentioned me on their blog. Very exciting! Go check out their program.